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The founders of ShadowFall recognise the dearth of high quality, actionable short ideas derived from the sell side analyst community in the UK and Europe. The majority of analysts find long ideas more intuitive and conviction short trades are often crowded.

We focus on demonstrable value for our clients with each investigation we undertake. We set out on each investigation with an impartial approach, free from having to make investment recommendations or set target prices and build a comprehensive case founded on verifiable facts.

Against the grain of the widely recognised bias towards buy recommendations ShadowFall is able to take an independent and exhaustive approach to uncover opportunities.


We focus on actionable and uncrowded ideas, targeting liquid stocks, typically with market capitalisations of over a billion pounds (sterling).

Our approach ranges from researching into aggressive accounting, flawed business models, unethical business conduct and business misrepresentation. Or indeed any other matters that could signal a material correction event between market and inherent valuation.

As a regulated firm, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and professional conduct.

Eurofins Scientific SE

We perceive Eurofins as an increasingly desperate, debt-laden company, arguably heading towards a liquidity crisis. Beneath the surface and delving into the Eurofins complex, emerges a picture of what we can only describe as a combination of chaos and unorthodoxy. The pièce de-confusion-résistance must be our discovery that Eurofins’ CEO, Dr Gilles Martin, reports two differing dates of birth!

Kerry Group PLC

The Hunger Games

SMC Corp

They’re big in Japan


A tale of two JVs

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